Himalayan Clarity

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Clusters of quartz and "on Matrix" crystals are frequently found in hydrothermal deposits in Alpine fissures such as the conditions in the Himalayan Mountain range.  Many tiny ‘seed’ crystals may come to rest on the inner wall of the quartz pocket and together grow into a cluster with a common base attached to the host rock or matrix. 

In some instances, larger more developed crystals will contact within the liquid of the pocket and begin to grow together.  Many members may be added as the mass floats to and fro and in some cases entire clusters of this kind may be composed of double terminated sub-individuals.  These clusters may later make contact with or come to rest on the pocket wall.

 Due to tectonic movement causing mechanical stress, entire clusters can sometimes break free from the host rock and are set to float inside the chemical-rich, quartz-building environment of the superheated liquid.  In this way they will slowly repair and regrow. Floating clusters of this type can be recognized by varying degrees of regrowth on the crystal surfaces, especially the root end and may form burrs.  In time, members of these clusters may also grow into double terminated crystals.  In some cases, quartz crystals may show residual signs of many phases of dissolution and regrowth in their morphological history.

Intriguing specimens for the collector or esoterically minded individual.
Intact, aesthetically pleasing representatives of specific mineral finds are highly prized by collectors and mineral enthusiasts. These are specimens that display specific, recognizable characteristics that set certain localities apart from others.

Presented in our specimen gallery are the treasures of our annual expeditions, unique examples showing the unsurpassed clarity and complex structure of quartz crystals, carefully extracted at altitudes exceeding 5000 meters in the Himalayas.