Himalayan Clarity

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Right and left-handed activation crystals can be recognized by the presence of an additional face, similar to a time-link or window crystal. In the case of the right/left hand activation crystal, these faces are referred to as x-faces and are a less common crystal facet that appears in the upper left or right corner of the long m-faces of some quartz crystals. Dauphine twins and Brazil Law twins can also be recognized by presence and positioning of this rare quartz face.

Among metaphysical circles, the x-face denotes either right or left-handed activation in a crystal. Some also maintain that the crystal is either masculine or feminine in polarity, according to the placement of these x-faces. When attempting to understand how or why a crystal should be right or left-handed in nature, it may help to envision the quartz formation from a molecular perspective. The term right or left-handed refers to the directional growth of the quartz crystal, and would be more correctly stated not as left or right-handed per se, but rather as the growth of the crystal tending in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise spiral.

During the formative process of macromosaic quartz, as elements swirl in the hot liquid matrix and silica dioxide (quartz) is created, it forms simple units known as “crystallites”. In the bonding of these units, the molecules will begin to move in one of two directions as they form. Envision, if you will, the molecular structuring of the quartz proceeding in a spiral, as particle upon particle is transferred and crystallization takes place. In this way we can begin to fathom the directional tendency of its formation and hence, its energetic signature as either left or right, clockwise or counterclockwise. This aspect of polarity exists in all quartz crystals as the original string of crystallites will form along the crystal's c-axis and will always tend to spiral in either one direction or the other.

Visible indications of crystal polarity, such as the x-face, can be very useful in determining the application of the crystal in healing practice. Through contemplation of these spiraling polar opposites one may obtain a clear picture of the function of the right or left-handed activation crystal. To say that left is feminine and right masculine is a simplistic way to begin this contemplation, though the concept of actual gender or sex can also tend to be misleading. It is rare to find clear signs of left or right handedness on the surface of the crystals and these signatures are often sought after by collectors of unusual quartz or rare formations. We may also make use of right or left-handed quartz crystals in healing practice, invoking archetypal powers of one of countless specific aspects of either masculinity or femininity and applying this vibrational frequency to balance any discordant vibrations in ourselves or our surroundings.