Himalayan Clarity

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A phantom quartz crystal is distinguishable by the appearance of a pyramid-shaped form in its interior, often shaped much like the host crystal itself.  This form is usually quite faint but can, in some examples be very pronounced.   In rare cases, several layers of phantoms may be noticeable upon closer inspection.

 Phantoms appear in various colors and may be composed of one or more of a wide range of minerals or possibly by liquid inclusions.  Phantoms may also be caused by rapid change in temperature or altering of chemical composition, radiation or other factors during a certain growth phase.  Thus one may find an amethyst or smoky phantom inside a clear quartz crystal, for example.

 The esoteric significance of the phantom quartz crystal lies in the image of the former self within,  the impression of a past growth phase, left in the interior of the quartz.  It is a healthy excersize to reflect on past phases in one's own emotional, spiritual or intellectual growth or expansion.

  To realize that the being we are today and its complex modes of expression are built directly from past impressions, right up to the present moment is vital if we are to find equilibrium in the ongoing process of becoming.  The image of the phantom quartz crystal in the mind's eye and the contemplation of its morphology, layer upon layer, impression upon impression, tends to assist in this realization.

  The discriminating awareness it takes to constantly, selectively adorn and discard the thousand, thousand robes and masks of even one human lifetime without clinging to worn-out, negative patterns is a faculty reserved for the higher thinking beings on our planet. 

Let us use it with skill and mastery to create in the most balanced and loving way we can.


Phantom Quartz