Himalayan Clarity

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Hand carved Filigree Rings in solid Sterling Silver.
Only crystals that have been badly damaged are used for our Himalayan quartz faceting project. The transformation of these crystal fragments into exquisite gemstones allows for each to be worn and cherished by crystal lovers, or used by healers, lightworkers and crystal mystics worldwide in a variety of practices for which the former broken shard of quartz would certinly have been less effective.

The precise symmetry and ideal facet angles of our optically clear Himalayan Quartz gems are specifically designed to maximize light refraction in a way that an uncut crystal rarely exhibits. We have had numerous reports from the esoteric community of the third-eye compatibility of these powerful gems, promoting high visionary experiences as well as the sending and receiving of light transmissions and high-frequency, pan-dimensional messaging. These reports, much to our delight and amazement, far exceed our expectation, as is often the case in creating magical items to be used in the present spiritual renaissance.

Now, it's not to say that a quartz crystal in its natural and pristine state cannot also be used in a similar way, but owing to environmental considerations such as rapid changes in temperature or pressure, being obstructed or limited in growth by other minerals, or otherwise having alterations to its morphological blueprint during the formative phase; seldom, if ever, does a natural quartz crystal display "perfect" or ideal symmetry.

This is a very important point, as what we are talking about is light refraction; what does the light do when it enters the crystal, how does it exit and what pattern is being created by this light refraction? Though it may not be perceived in its entirety by the human eye, owing to the speed at which light travels and the fact that we are looking from only one angle, a subtle light-structure is being emitted.

Light stands at the threshold of cosmic energies seen and unseen and is an ideal example of how higher universal forces move and interact. It stands to reason that the more perfect the symmetry of the gem facets, the more balanced the refraction of light will be, thereby creating a subtle energetic pattern that radiates outward, the integrity of which is enduring enough, when combined with human intention or “prayer”, to have its effect on the aethyrs. It is in this way that these Himalayan Quartz Gemstones can be used to create a beacon to be honed in on by higher forces.

"JALI"  RINGS,  Faceted Gems in Sterling Silver